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Intergenerational Workshops - Mother, Daughter
Intergenerational Workshops - Mother, Daughter
A research and participatory project about British South Asian Women, Migration & Happiness.
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Intergenerational Workshops


A unique series of intergenerational workshops, aimed towards mothers and daughters from Leicester’s British South Asian community.


Over a series of three sessions, you will participate in a range of activities, structured towards enhancing understanding of each-other’s lives. You will participate in discussion and creative activities, including cooking.


Workshop aims:

  • To build an understanding of one-another’s needs
  • To bridge generational and cultural differences
  • To build a better understanding of personal cultural heritage and factors influencing cultural exclusion
  • To enhance understanding of the issues that young women face today


We are looking for three pairs of women (mother’s and daughters) to participate in this special opportunity. For further information or to reserve your place, please contact